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Article in the Kansas City Star about the reunion of Stoned Circus.  I say "reunion," but I had never even heard of them 35 years ago...

The photo was taken in my studio.  Johnny Isom held my SG for the picture.

Rich VanSant was only there for the photo; he didn't play in the reunion band.

In September 2004, I got a call from John Isom.  I'd met John and sat in with his band, Johnny I and the Receders, a couple of times, because Jim Wilson was/is playing with them and invited me to come on out.

John asked me to consider playing in the reunion of the Stoned Circus.  It seems that a record the band had made decades ago had gained some popularity in Europe. 

The carrot dangled in front of the band was an all-expenses-paid trip to Germany - where the old band has something of a mythical status - to play a gig.
The reason I was asked to participate is that they could not find their original bassist, Buddy Haney.
At first I declined because they were practicing Monday nights, which was also the Nigun Orchestra rehearsal night.  But we got it worked out.
We rehearsed once a week in my studio.

We made a demo - I engineered and mixed it - and here are the four songs.  Got your bong handy?

Trust - an original
Time Machine - I think this is a Grand Funk Railroad number?
New World - another original
White Rabbit - I never dreamed I'd ever play this song again!

Finally, they found Buddy Haney, their original bassist.  It was a little awkward, because what are you gonna do with two bass players?  Luckily, most bassists know enough guitar to play rhythm, so Buddy and I switched off between bass and rhythm guitar.  It was fun playing guitar in a band again after decades of bass.

The Germany deal kept getting postponed, but finally, in the Spring of 2005, we got a firm date.   BUT ... that date happened to be the day before Rosh Hashana.  I would not be able to get back from Germany in time to lead services in Columbia, Missouri.  I bowed out; they had Buddy Haney now, and they would do just fine without me.    The band DID go to Germany and, according to Johnny, had a great time.

I had a lot of fun, rediscovered some dormant playing styles, and met a very nice group of people.

Here are the pages of the CD insert, which really tells the story of Stoned Circus and how they came to be "rediscovered" better than I could.

SC CD insert 1




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