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January 2017:  Andy named Composer in Residence at Congregation B'nai Amoona

On the road with the Billy Spears Band, 1976.

first page photo

In my music room, 2010

Leml the hound ---->
I've been playing and singing music for
50 years, and I have a couple of suitcases filled with moldy old photographs and tape recordings which no one will know what to do with when I die (it shouldn't be soon!).  This site is an attempt to organize it into a sort of personal musical history. 

A story untold is a shame.  I hope that this stuff interests at least those who were involved in the stories.

Enjoy your stay, and please! contact me with any additional information, reminiscences, or comments you might have. 

Even with over 5 gigabytes of files - MP3s, JPGs, and video files - on this site, there's a lot of stuff left out, because:
a) I don't remember it,
b) I don't feel it's interesting, or
c) I don't want to embarass anyone - and believe me - I could..

If you'd like to know how and why I did this, or view the guestbook, click here.

Links to bands and periods are at the top of the page, but here they are duplicated:

Billy Spears Band - 1975-1977
The Penetrations - 1972-1973
Used Parts - 1978-1981
The Richmen Express - 1974-1985
Lee Stover Trio - 1974
Musical exploits in the New Millenium
My Musical Genesis - 1960-1968
Young and Stupid - 1968-1972

- Andy

Leml the Hound
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Elisabeth Curry,Frank Curry,Mary Prewitt,Debbie Oropesa,Gary Merrifield,Gary Grob,Carl Latham,Ashley Latham,Tom Coleman,Clint Spears,Charlene Spears,Earl Spears,Robin Dick,Roz Newmark,Bob Augelli,Kathy Reed,Jeff Kass
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